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Please be sure to keep toys, balls etc. out of the drainage/detention basins, so they don't become clogged.

Meeting Minutes

4/9/15 and 5/28/15 Meeting minutes have been uploaded

To see minutes of previous meetings, please go to Board News page

Please restrain your dogs.

Please see the note below from a Thornwilde homeowner.  When walking your dog, it is very important to remember that Boone County has a law stating that dogs are to be under control of their owners when not on their property.  Please be sure to do your part to avoid potential problems.

I've had five occasions in the last two months of being accosted by dogs who are not leashed, or who have been unrestrained in their yards.  And, my child who also walks our dog, has had two similar encounters in the last month separate from mine.

I walk my dog leashed at all times, and have even tried to go early in the mornings when this is less likely to happen.  My dog and I have been charged by unleashed dogs on two occasions (two separate dogs).  There are several ways this could be dangerous: (1) I could be bit (2) my dog could be bit (3) my dog could bite the other dog (4) my dog could bite the other owner, and (5) the unleashed dog could run out in the street, get hit, and/or cause an auto accident. 

Please be sure your dog is restrained.

Thank you!

Nancy M. Fay
Stonegate Property Management, Inc.
We've heard from homeowners that someone is disposing of dog waste in neighbors trash cans.  Please use one of the community trash cans or take the waste home with you to dispose of it.   Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Thornwilde Village

Click on image for .pdf version.  ThornwildeVillage.com

Approved Street Trees

Below is the list of approved “street trees” as per the Boone County Zoning Regulations.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.



Street Trees

Street trees shall be provided with the construction of all new dwelling units within residential districts that are subject to the Zoning Permit procedure.  Large canopy trees (deciduous and single trunk) from Plant List A with a minimum installation size of 2 inch caliper shall be provided at a minimum rate of one tree per 40 linear feet of lot width for each road frontage.  The required trees shall be placed on the subject lot and within 10 feet of the right-of-way line, and shall be dispersed across the lot’s street frontage.  The required trees shall be placed within the adjoining street right-of-way if required by any applicable Preliminary Plat or Concept Development Plan approval, or by agreement with the applicable legislative body.  The placement of street trees shall not interfere with any underground or overhead utilities, shall be placed at least 10 feet from fire hydrants, shall conform to any applicable requirements of utility providers, and shall not be placed within sight triangles per Section 3618.  The required street trees shall be delineated on the plot plan required through the Zoning Permit procedure.  Alternative planting schemes which deviate from the requirements of this section may be proposed during the plan review process.

Click on the link below to get list of trees.



Garbage Cans

Trash and garbage shall be placed in sanitary containers and shall not be permitted toremain in public view except on days of trash collection.

Thornwilde Advertising

If you wish to place an Advertisement of your business on this web site please see the Advertising Policy.   Any resident or local business may advertise.  

Please no motorized vehicles on walking trails and nature trails.